Queer-friendly general practitioner

Dr Tom (he/him) is a GP providing comprehensive primary healthcare in Melbourne, Australia. He specialises in HIV care, LGBTIQ health, sexual health, trans & gender diverse health and viral hepatitis care.

A message from Dr Tom...

Unfortunately, after a number of years working in general practice, the time has come for me to explore other opportunities. It's been a difficult decision to make, however one that was ultimately made for me by an opportunity that was simply too good to refuse. This does not, however, lessen how difficult it is to say farewell to well-known patients.

Although it's impractical to contact all patients, I want to provide contacts for alternative practitioners to patients who have been seeing me for specialised care. As such, below is a list of practitioners who can provide HIV care, trans & gender diverse care and hepatitis B care. I understand this list may not suit all patients, but it represents geographically accessible providers and clinics, in whom I have confidence.


  • • Dr Chris Sherman, Armadale Family Clinic (HIV s100)

  • • Dr Matt Penn (HIV s100, hepatitis B s100, trans & gender diverse care)

  • • Dr Sophie Carter (HIV s100, trans & gender diverse care)

  • • Dr Thomas Dickson (HIV s100, trans & gender diverse care)


  • • Centre Clinic, St Kilda (HIV s100, hepatitis B s100, trans & gender diverse care)

  • • Equinox, Fitzroy (trans & gender diverse care)

  • • Melbourne Sexual Health Centre (HIV s100)

  • • Northside Clinic, Fitzroy North (HIV s100, hepatitis B s100, trans & gender diverse care)

  • • Prahran Market Clinic, Prahran (HIV s100, hepatitis B s100, trans & gender diverse care)

If these suggestions are not suitable, please contact Thorne Harbour Health or ASHM (Australasian society for HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health medicine) for further recommendations. Regardless of which practitioner you choose to see ongoing, remember that your medical record can be confidentially transferred to allow continuing care.

Keep an eye on drtommorley.com or my Google business listing if you want to know where you can find me in the future.

It's been a pleasure. Look after yourselves - and each other!


Dr Tom